Nancy Marek Cote, Artist

Nancy’s childhood memories of nature served as an initial source of her endless fascination with sound, color, and image; the beginning of a blossoming love and appreciation of the world. In this context, she experienced spirituality and simply understood the joy of discovering God through the freedom to explore and imagine.

Upon completion of a BFA in Painting, and receiving the Excellence in Art Award from UMASS Dartmouth, Marek/Cote began writing and illustrating children’s books. Nancy’s books, poems, and paintings have earned numerous awards and have been exhibited throughout the U.S and in Europe. Her resume includes teaching children’s book illustration in the C.E. program at Rhode Island School of Design.

She studied with renowned artist, Brother Micky McGrath during the summer of 2018 at Boston College School of Theology and Ministry.

Marek’s current exhibit of the Saints connects the many strands of both her personal and professional endeavors in a growing collection of work. Her hope is that this exhibit will inspire women, men, and children of all ages and backgrounds to a heightened appreciation of the beauty, courage, and passion that led these extraordinary individuals on their own faith journeys.

She works from a home studio in the historic village of Somerset, MA, as well as in a studio at the Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River.

The Lives of The Saints Exhibit

Saint Cecilia’s Parish in Boston, MA is honored to host the art exhibit, Saints, by noted artist Nancy Marek Cote. This body of work provides a fresh perspective on some of the most well-known and beloved friends of God, including the debut of Nancy's newest work featuring Servant of God Thea Bowman. Nancy’s paintings portray the lives of the saints in a new and modern way that is both whimsical and joyful. Her unique style captures the spirit of these men and women—our patrons and companions—in a delightful way that communicates their relationship with God.

Inside of St. Cecilia's Church displaying the Exhibit "Lives of the Saints"
Saint Cecilia Parish, 8 Belvidere Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02115 - PHONE: (617) 536-4548


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The work of Nancy Marek Cote modernizes the life of the saints in a most inspiring way. While whimsical and joyful, these mixed-media paintings are creatively made. This artwork challenges us to consider how we as ordinary people are called to lead saintly lives.
Melodie Wyttenbach, Ph.D. Executive Director
Barbara and Patrick Roche Center for Catholic Education, Boston College
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A beautiful reimagining of everyone's favorite saints!
James Martin, S.J.
Editor at large America Magazine
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Nancy Marek Cote is a talented visual artist  to whom I can imagine St. John Paul II would have been addressing in his letter to artists when he calls " to all who are passionately dedicated to the search for new 'epiphanies' of beauty so that through their creative work as artists they may offer these as gifts to the world." I am amazed at how Nancy captures essential and enduring images of saints through art that inspires both children and adults. In the commission for St. Philomena School, Nancy was able to draw upon many visual aspects that elevate the viewer to a deeper connection with St. Philomena and the spiritual charism she offers the Church. On a personal level, you can't find a kinder soul to collaborate with as Nancy's warm and invitational spirit draws you in as much as the beautiful artwork that she creates.
Brian Cordeiro, M.Ed., Head of School
St. Philomena School, Portsmouth, RI
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Nancy’s paintings of the saints bring joy, peace, and inspiration to all who see them. As a parishioner of St. Cecilia’s Church in Boston, I have the delight of sitting next to the collection every Sunday at Mass, from Apostles, like St. Peter, to modern-day disciples, including Dorothy Day and Venerable Augustus Tolton.  Her diverse collection includes almost thirty paintings of holy men and women from many different cultures. Her artwork is based on thorough research, and they show the connection each of these extraordinary individuals had with God. More than once, I have stayed after Mass to Google the holy Saint I’m sitting next to. The way Nancy paints the saints draws us closer to them. She uses bright colors, and includes details such as animals and nature.  Each saint wears an expression of peace or joy, reminding us that no matter the challenges they faced, their relationship with God brought lasting goodness. I have observed parishioners as young as 3 years old to 85 years old look up and reach out to the paintings, awed and inspired by their beauty.And now, I have the honor of seeing one of Nancy’s paintings every day as the Head of School at Saint Columbkille Partnership School in Boston. Our school’s new foyer was renovated this past year, and as our staff discussed ways we could make the space more welcoming, we all agreed that commissioning one of Nancy’s paintings would be perfect. Nancy did an incredible job of researching the life of St. Columbkille, and she asked for our input as she sketched and painted. Her gorgeous painting draws the attention of our students, our staff, our families, and our visitors. St. Columbkille’s smiling face inspires and brings us great joy every day!
Jen Kowieski
St. Columbkille Head of School
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We recently renovated the entrance lobby to Saint Columbkille Partnership School.  Our design team was fantastic but the most beautiful part of the space is the original painting of Saint Columbkille created by Nancy. Nancy's portrait of Saint Columbkille is whimsical and engaging and serves as a gathering spot for our students and families. Nancy's attention to detail, choice of colors and ability to listen to her clients make working with her pure joy.  I highly recommend commissioning her for your next piece of artwork.
Kate Ward
Chief Advancement and Enrollment Officer
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St. John the Evangelist Catholic School in Valdosta, Ga is honored to have such a beautiful collection of Saints painted by Nancy Marek Cote, line our hallways. These contemporary images introduce our students to the Saints in a friendly and diverse way that they can identify with. Her commissioned painting of our patron St. John, is hanging in our front office welcoming parents, students, staff, and visitors. This image embodies our school and our mission. Thank you Nancy for working with our school and making the Saints come to life for our students!
Rachael B. Ludwig - Academic Coach-
St. John the Evangelist Catholic School, Valdosta, GA

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